Hydraulic Oil Refurbishing

 A sample of hydraulic fluid taken from the hydraulic resevoir on our Jet Edge 40,000 psi, ultra high, pressure washing machine, before processing.



Cal Marine Cleaning has the equipment and technicians to meet your oil cleaning needs. We are a one stop shop with a Karl Fischer volumetric titrator to test water content before and after processing in both Hydrocarbon and Synthetic oils.



 Vacuum Dehydrator


   A large 10 gpm Vacuum dehydrator with 20 gpm 1/2 micron nominal filters.





 Di resin bed



 If Acid in your Phosephate Ester (Fyrquel Oil) is a problem, Caln Marine Cleaning has a large Ion Exchange Resin bed to quickly clean the largest of reservoirs.



Flushing Machine



 A 75 hp 190 gpm hydraulic flushing machine to clean newly fabricated systems or old systems that have been contaminated by wear, broken components or recently upgraded and in need of pickling.



 After Cleaning










EHC/Phosphate Ester

Hydrolytic breakdown is one of the largest concerns facing today’s users of Phosphate Ester EHC lubricants.  Hydrolytic breakdown occurs by exposing oil to heat and water during normal operation.  Once out of OEM parameters, the oil requires specialized treatment to bring it back into spec.

Hydrolytic breakdown causes the formation of acidic compounds in the oil, resulting in an exponential rise in total acid number (TAN).  Historically, Fuller’s Earth or Activated Alumina have been the recommended acid scavenging media to address this issue.  However, both media’s have their own negative contribution to the oil.

Although an effective acid scavenging media, Fuller’s Earth has a history of leaching detrimental heavy metals back into the system.  Activated Alumina, also an effective acid scavenging media, creates salts in the oil.  These salts adhere to metal parts, causing wear to surfaces.  Over time, the leaching of heavy metals or the addition of salts into any system can lead to a higher TAN than before.  Ion Exchange technology can reduce both the TAN and resistivity without negatively effecting to the oil.

Cal Marine Cleaning has the technical expertise, equipment and personnel to return our customer's out of spec oil to a like new condition.  With the latest in Ion Exchange technology and flow rates to 20gpm Cal Marine Cleaning can guarantee the short turnaround time our customers need.  Cal Marine Cleaning's Ion Exchange process has NAVSEA approval for use onboard U.S. Naval vessels.